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Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
Tekken 7
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Capcom gives insight into Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition 'Season 3.5' changes with developer matches and comments
Basically Capcom doesn't want to admit they're wrong and that their decisions suck. So by releasing these videos and comments they are saying, "Yo, you pro players are playing the game wrong, let us show you how to really use these characters! now stop listing these characters as low tier!" They even purposely match the low tiers with high tiers in each video lol

SonicFox shows off a Dragon Ball FighterZ touch of death combo on an opponent's entire team
I'm surprised you don't know about Go1's track record... I forgot which event it was in 2017, but he made top 8 in like 10 different games, even winning a few of them. edit - frosty faustings 9

Street Fighter 5 servers down for scheduled maintenance
Yes, perhaps is 50 more Chun Li costumes hmmmmmm

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