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Street Fighter 5 hit 1.6 million in sales, Capcom continues to push it for eSports - title keeps chugging along despite hate
Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Like Velo said before, people who truly don't care for the game won't hate on it, they can easily go to another game and put SFV behind them. People squander their time hating on it is because they like the series and want Capcom to fix some glaring issues.

Oil King scores six throws in a row while Xiaobao has mastered the Vega roll loop shenanigans - Saigon and Toryuken highlights
I can already see bad coming out of that idea. e.g. Keep blocking because getting thrown more = take less damage. There's no reason to ever take a hit if it resets throw damage. Reason I've come to conclusion is because one ways to implement "repeated throws doing less damage" is to ignore all blocked hits in the process(nerf to throws reset on successful hits only) otherwise tick throws will circumvent this new mechanism if ...

Daigo KOs himself with Sonic Boom, Xian's comeback against Tokido, Bonchan's Nash, and more: Top 5 moments from Battle Arena Melbourne 9
Daigo "nobody can beat me except myself" Nah, I think he was maybe thinking Urien will walk up or do a forward dash, so he tried to intercept with ex boom but he just stood still instead.

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