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80% health gone in three hits: PR Balrog makes a godlike Turn Punch read in Street Fighter 5 and his reaction is too good
He wasn't getting outplayed, he was clearly charging with light punch and some other button. Hence unable to tech and has to take free damage for 50 seconds. If anything, PR Balrog was outplaying his opponent if he can survive 50 seconds without teching.

EventHubs readers feel Capcom has taken a step in the right direction, here are their initial reactions to Street Fighter 5's latest patch notes
thank gosh someone else is sane here, the title of this article was making me throw up all over the place.

Vega received nothing but buffs in Season 2.1, we examine what kind of threat these changes will be in Street Fighter 5
I hope Capcom realizes that Chun Li's standing fierce needs a buff too... it doesn't confirm into anything which means it's as good as useless as it currently stands.

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