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Seemingly inescapable loops, insane damage and instant overheads? Itazan is looking unstoppable with a character that's about to get better...
Same can be said about any other character though. Take away Tokido and Daigo from S1 and there's 0 Ryus. Does that mean Ryu was mid or low tier in S1?

HEEEEEERE'S BONCHAN, beautiful Cammy and 'Fox' Justin Wong; Nom1207's fighting game artwork is brilliantly... different
That furry JWong lol

Delaying Street Fighter 5's patch instead of rushing it out to meet a deadline is a good thing, hopefully shows a change of approach
I'm guessing you don't know the best games are the delayed ones. There was a time when Blizzard used to delay everything but made good games, now they just rush crap out like D3 and SC2 expansions.

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