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ProjectM with characters: [u'Charizard', u'Ice Climbers']
Ice Climbers actually have a chain grab across the stage against fatty's into a smash once you get to the ledge (down throw -> dair -> regrab). Ice Climbers are a bit underrated imo. Metroid has also said this is a hard match up for Zard. Zard has trouble against blizzard walls, but probably wins neutral by a little. Unfortunately he is below average at separating the ICs (though it's still very doable), and he ...

ProjectM with characters: [u'Charizard', u'Lucario']
I play this match up a ton against Handsome Jack. It's in Lucario's favor imo, but not by a lot. Zard's big which makes Lucario's combos slightly more brutal. Also Lucario's fair stuffs a lot of Zard's aerial options because it's fast and very disjointed. The main issue in this match up for Zard is that if Lucario recovers high with a down b canceled aerial, it's a free recovery with no chance of an ...

ProjectM with characters: [u'Charizard', u'Ivysaur']
This match up is insanely hard for Zard because Ivy's up throw -> jump -> up b can follow DI on reaction (up b left or right), and it kills Zard around 60%. Plus her up B makes it hard for Zard to recover high, and recovering from the side means you have to contend with Ivy's bair. I personally think Ivy is Zard's hardest matchup.

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