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Techniques to make doing moves easier: Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
I'm going to use ken's stand back medium kick as an example. If I wanted to link super 3 after ken's back mk (his double hitting overhead) I would do the following when piano-ing: Buffer the super motion and piano all 3 kicks with my index/middle/ring finger (on stick). because Ken's back MK overhead gives an advantage of 2 frames if the opponent is standing or 3 if they are crouching, and super 3 has ...

How to Super Cancel: Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
It is only possible to cancel into supers and not out of supers

Violent Ken
V.Ken's super is similar to his shinryuken from the SFIV series, complete with preliminary hits before a heavy DP. It's most likely executed with a double QCf motion, although neither his super nor the motion are listed here. V.Ken's cmd dash can cross up (similarly to yang's teleport in 3rd Strike)

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