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Past comments by Memanruler
Lupe Fiasco takes on Tokido in Street Fighter 5... it doesn't go as well as his set with Daigo
Like, just to be completely certain, it's confirmed that LupeFiasco_in_HD is in fact Lupe's tag? I'm just very curious if that's the case or not, because it's not clear by the article. Considering how meme-rrific the FGC can be, call me skeptical

Capcom responds to question: Why are you releasing Street Fighter 5 DLC instead of adding additional modes or improving existing features?
It's almost like Art Teams have nothing to do with mechanical development at all :VVVV

Mai has a new sexy bunny costume in Dead or Alive 5
This is newsworthy I guess

'A fighting game is 1 on 1, and I think that draws out the player’s personality and because of that it’s fun to watch' - Harada interviews with VG24/7
Harada has to be one of the stanchest game directors out there. He can usually take whatever is hurled at him with a certain amount of charm that I highly respect

'eSports is gonna replace sports in the immediate future' - TriForce talks gaming, building the African gaming community and promoting positivity
Ahahahaha Triforce

Haunts speaks to the community on both clarifying plans for the Pro Tour DLC and the process behind communication with Capcom
I'm glad we are getting something said about this, information and such, but lately Capcom has been dropping the ball and always going "bad communication sorry yo." They said they'd step it up with what happened to Ibuki and then the Zenni story, Capcom needs to step it up now.

'If [a] mechanic is too powerful, it naturally makes the characters' strengths less important' - Sugiyama on Street Fighter 5's V-System
I mean, it does go deeper then that. Like, referring to Chun and the extra attacks, adds to her by giving her longer hits, more blockstun, increased damage, etc. It is something that works with the character's tools rather then makes it something she should use because it benefits her more then other characters if they all had the same mechanic.

Nemo wins with no health, Kazunoko and Daigo beat up on each other and Hagejin's long walk; Topanga day 4 highlights
If I would have to guess, I'm not 100% on this, but I think if Dashio wake up DP reversal it would auto-correct to the wrong side. I think it would whiff completely and gives Hagejin a free punish, but, it's only speculation on my part, someone will probably come by in a bit and give out the real reason.

'We'd like to work hard to make video game fans into Pachinko Slot fans' - SNK sheds some light on some of their current plans

A glitch in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round can cause 33 life bars worth of damage... and it's hilarious to watch
The only reason that is the case is the Tool Assist allows for perfect replication, just to cut down on time. Plus, the PC Version is just a port of the Xbone version, I believe.