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Past comments by Megamanzero55
Ryu isn't exactly a character that is in your face. You have to play him patient, zone,then when you find an opportunity for a mix up, go for it. You have to capitalize on your opponent's mistakes.

SF5: Ryu - Collarbone Breaker
Ryu's forward MP is best used in mixups. This move keeps opponents on their toes and you can catch them when they think you're going for a low. If the try to block high the best low to use is Cr.MK to keep up the pressure. However don't use this randomly because it is quite risky and very punishable.

SF5: Ryu - Solar Plexus Strike
Using this then a jab SRK to Critical Art leads to big damage. Almost half of the opponent's health bar. Using this combo with V trigger means even more damage. This can be V trigger cancelable.