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A tier list that ranks fighting games, not their characters - here's an interesting idea with some interesting results
Shaq-Fu, where are you? Should be god tier haha

Which Street Fighter game series is your favorite?
3S is my fav. Only thing is, I wish there was 4th iteration. Game still needs to be rebalanced.

Street Fighter 5 is much better now than it was a year ago, but it still has some large hurdles to jump
Since 2009? Lmao. You would have had an aneurysm when SF3 dropped back in '97. Only 2 returning characters and the rest new. Now SF3:3rdS is beloved by many. If there are too many returning characters, what the heck makes a game feel new besides the new system? You want Sagat, Sakura, Gen, whatever shoto? Go play SF4, SF2, or SFA. Who sais Kolin or new characters are unwanted? You dont know until you touch ...

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