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'Xian didn't deserve to beat me' - Wolfkrone grants an interview with FGC News to talk Eleague, training online and more
Ive been saying this since ppl started complaining about SFV`s netcode. If your having many bad connections on CFN, your internet is the problem. Playing ppl that are generally close has been just as good for me with SF4, and even better in SFV when playing ppl overseas. SFV netcode has exceeded my expectations and Im glad to hear that there is a top player who expresses the same feeling.

Ed will be in your face constantly, has a ton of anti-airs and set up potential for days; here's our character breakdown for Street Fighter 5's latest
Yet you cared enough to spend precious moments of your life that you wont get back to post, "Don`t care anymore". Oh XDIEX, stop lyin to yourself! Push/pull only works on humans, not vidia games. ;) I havent played SFV in weeks due to my busy schedule. Im gonna have to squeeze in some time this weekend to try out Ed!

Thailand remastered stage removed from Street Fighter 5 in-game store, Capcom releases statement
I dont know if that guy is American, but it makes me sad to be one...

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