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Is Street Fighter 5's next brand new character being introduced this Winter? A big clue may have been right under our noses this whole time
Wanting Akuma and Sagat... I get it and I dont get it at the same time. Yea, Akuma has been in pretty much every SF since SSF2T and Sagat makes for a good rival for Ryu much like Akuma. But cmon, Akuma is just another (badass?)shoto and Sagat is similar to a shoto(fireball, uppercut, leg move). The fact that they were at the top of the last poll is somewhat depressing. People seriously dont care ...

K' got destroyed by nerfs, but Nakoruru remains strong? Community reacts to latest King of Fighters 14 patch
50 characters with the top being more OP than any character in SFV. KOF NEEDED balancing whereas SFV is balanced enough to wait till after Capcom Cup. As for netcode in SFV, its fine. If your having issues, its more than likely your own connection that is the problem. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that you cant search by country in Battle Lounge.

Which characters do EventHubs readers want to see in season two of Street Fighter 5? See our poll results right here
The top 2 are Sagat and Akuma? WTH people? I know Akuma has been in many games since his appearance and he seems necessary to some extent(hes badass as well)...and Sagat is a major rival to Ryu besides Ken... but does SFV need any more Fireball, meterless invincible Shoryuken characters? Two is enough. We had enough of them in USF4. Id say Oro, and anybody else who doesnt have a command fireball+ meterless invincible uppercut. ...

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