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Past comments by McAl
Three tips for bettering your anti-air game no matter your skill level as a fighting game player
It's not so simple. Sometimes you need to use her crouching HP to anti air if the opponent is in cross up territory.

What kinds of change does V-Shift stand to bring to Street Fighter 5?
This is kinda like KOF Extra dodge with added SFX and a backdash instead of a dodge. How many frames does V-Shift take to start up? What's the adv/disadv on block from a V-Shift attack?

5 MORE moves that should be nerfed in Street Fighter 5's next balance update
Laura's V Trigger 1 was "nerfed" by increasing the bars from 2 to 3 and the timer was increased on activation. As a Laura player this actually felt like a buff not a nerf.

Harada: We are currently working on an update to improve Tekken 7's online experience
Improve online VS matches by removing the VS screen after every rematch.

E. Honda, Poison, and Lucia now available in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, Ver. 04.070 patch notes released
Posion's movest is very similar to that of Whip from KOF.

Justin Wong releases tier list that rates fighting games which places Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition and Alpha 2 as the best Street Fighter titles
No King of Fighters 98. arguably one of the best fighting games made

Stunfest 2019 results
How come no Pro Tour status this year?

The Capcom Pro Tour's LATAM regional champion will not be competing at Capcom Cup 2018 due to visa rejection
I think the writer of the article meant the United States embassy in the Dominican Republic

Infiltration not competing at Tokyo Game Show Capcom Pro Tour Premier event this weekend due to investigation of domestic violence allegations
Allegations - a claim or assertion that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically one made without proof.

Top 5 Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition V-Triggers that need buffs
Revert Juri VT1 to three bars and make it so chains do not deplete VT guage. Juri is supposed to be badass Capcom.