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Ed Boon reveals the fan request he hears the most for Mortal Kombat 11 and it probably won't surprise you
I'm sorry... but wasn't Mileena in the last game? She had her turn, and won't be back 'til MK12.

MikeZ banned from Combo Breaker 2021 following Skullgirls community request
Aight, so we're gonna have to start holding these tournament organizers accountable for their mistreatment of people. There needs to be a risk for them to have their events go up in smoke if they ban the wrong players. If the event organizers screw up, they get NO event that year, I think that's fair, and it makes them less likely to try and take matters in their own hands that they have NO RIGHT ...

More beautiful Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath screenshots featuring RoboCop, Sheeva, the DLC costumes, and more
So does a human Frost mean fatalities on her default self will actually be ACCURATE by showing cybernetics... you know, since we now have both Terminator AND Robocop fatalities to go by.

Daigo: What used to be good in Street Fighter 4 will get you KO'd in Street Fighter 5
...If a fighting game did not allow you to get anti-aired by neutral-jumping a throw-attempt, then that game DOES NOT belong in the FGC

Ed Boon wants to see Mortal Kombat 11's custom variation system used during tournament play in the future
If Ed wanted this, he'd have put Kustoms in Ranked, which he hasn't. Ed Boon is a compulsive liar who deserves no fgc respect because of his catering to Stephanie Brownback by making this game how SHE wants it made... Also wanted to say that MKX was their peak, but I feel they could've went further than that with MK11... They still can, just... demote Stephanie.

Virus expert Albert Wesker gives out important health tips for the coronavirus pandemic with funny cameos from Resident Evil stars Chris and Jill
Lost all respect for DC Douglas ever since KickVic.

Here are Seth's nostalgia costume colors and Easter egg in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
Is there an easter egg variant for the story mode or battle costume?

Ultra Instinct Goku's first magazine scan appears online for Dragon Ball FighterZ
Gokus in the game currently: SS Goku Goku Blue Goku Black Bardock Base Goku Vegito Blue Fused Zamasu GT Goku Gogeta Blue

Chun-Li comes in second place in our 'who were the biggest winners of the latest Street Fighter 5' poll; guess who got more votes?
Unless they have a cr. MK that's plus.

Chun-Li comes in second place in our 'who were the biggest winners of the latest Street Fighter 5' poll; guess who got more votes?
Did you just imply Ed's V-Skill 2 is good? Lol