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MLG community manager: Difference between eSports and the FGC is commitment of the fans/players to support one or the other
#8 You got it. MLG is in it for money (even if they aren't actually making any). They will cram as many ads as they can in their streams and if that means making the viewers wait up to 20 minutes for the next match, so be it. As for live attendance, it doesn't help that MLG continues to host tournaments at the same time as established FGC events. It's mind boggling how they spew ...

JMCrofts' Skullgirls Filia and Cerebella tutorial - mix ups, resets and more, Valentine tutorial by Hologram Gootecks
This is the super dirty stuff. Thanks, Jay.

Persona 4: Arena button configuration at the character select screen, titles and more
Looks like Mike Z got what he wanted.

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