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Kichipa-mu's reaction to surviving NL's Critical Art due to time over was simply epic - TWFighter Street Fighter 5 highlights
So damn close for NL (Cammy), Daigo (Guile) beating Kichipa-Nu (Zangief) and Dogura (Urien), as well as Save (Dhalsim), Xiaobao (Vega) beating Stormkubo (Abigail)

SF5 with characters: [u'Birdie', u'Karin']
Oh My Goodness, I didn't realize that Birdie has had tons of favorable matches against Karin for so far, despite him not being a top-tier character and the match being mostly even.

SF5 with characters: [u'Balrog', u'Zangief']
I'd rather say Zangief 8 Balrog 2 :D

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