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Games, skill levels & characters
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Mortal Kombat XL
Kung Lao (Tempest)
Scorpion (Inferno)
Predator (Hunter)
Ultra Street Fighter 4
Past comments
Here's the inspiration for each of Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath's Eternal Klash Skin Pack costumes
We need Scorpion and Sub Zero to have their White Eyes for both of these Costumes. It only makes sense!!!!

How has Street Fighter 5's new matchmaking update affected the online experience? Our early impressions show real improvement though it's not all good
I'm done with this game. It had it's time. I need something consistent, and this aint it. I'm playing MK11 and enjoying the hell out of Spawn. Hopefully SF6 is better in everyway moving forward. Gg's

Tekken 7 update Version 3.21 is available now with its only goal being to nerf the crap out of Leroy Smith
Finally I can play Tekken 7 again. Every time you get use to something, others start crying saying this is too good, and saying they can't get past it or improve themselves. Now people need to learn the game for real and quit expecting everything to be toned down. Leroy was good but beatable. I can't wait to see what excuses people come up with now whether they lose or win.

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