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Sabrewulf's classic Killer Instinct 1 theme returns in new KI - mini-combo video featuring 106 hit Ultra combo
Man I love the music from Killer Instinct

American Idol winner Taylor Hicks attended EVO 2013, tied for 257th place in Super Smash Bros. Melee
I was largely unaware of Taylor Hicks was before this newspost. But now I know who he is and automatically like him!

Updated: Nintendo reverses course - Super Smash Bros. Melee will be streamed at EVO 2013
This is the most disappointing news story that I have ever read related to the FGC. :(

Should Scorpion be banned in Injustice tournament play? CD Jr. weighs in - vote in our poll and share your thoughts
People should just get over here. ....I mean IT. Get over IT!

Wii Fit Trainer joins Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS as a playable character
@35: I love you

Lifesize Ryu bust statue from Pop Culture Shock
I misread it as "Positronic scrylic eyes" and thought it was a mutilated Cyborg torso sentenced to an eternity pretending to be Ryu :O

Ricky Ortiz plans to stick with Rufus in AE v2012 - notes his Rufus is more aggressive and offense-based than Justin Wong's
Ricky sounds very upbeat and positive in this interview.

Persona 4 Arena European version awaiting approval from Sony and Microsoft, release date in the works
I don't understand why this took so long when Europe is getting NO localised or additional content. We're getting the US game with no changes in an EU box. WTF Zen United?

Injustice: Gods Among Us' story is one of the most ambitious scripts that Tom Taylor has ever seen from a fighting game
Production values of the MK9 story mode blew me away and the idea of changing the timeline was a lot more clever than a conventional "reboot", props to them for that. The story itself didn't impress me as much as the clear amount of money/effort they spent on the mode. On the flipside the story of Blazblue has more complexity to it, but the production values were near zero with an endless barrage clicking through ...

Street Fighter X Mega Man v2 releasing this Friday - adds MM2-style passwords, updates M. Bison fight and more
This is perfect. The controller problems were keeping me from playing this on anything but keyboard, and I don't play platforms well on keyboard.