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Past comments by Lulu
Daigo - I've never thought 'This person is weak, so I can half-ass it'... Red Bull's 'Mind of a Beast' is on its way
Yeah, he's never done that. And especially not against Lupe.

Dahlgren: With Street Fighter 5's launch, I believe you'll see more pad players than stick users initially
"I would believe that at launch you're probably going to have more pad players than you actually have stick players." That almost implies that there'll be no PS3/PC fightstick support for PS4. And the fact that Capcom has been quiet about it. Well I won't be pre-ordering/buying the game until we know more. Not everyone can spend 220USD for a single game.

Demons sure were all the rage back in 2013 - Highlight reel featuring Tokido's Akuma, shows incredible comebacks and clutch moments from whole year
"this particular writer believes that MCZ|Tokido is the best pick to win EVO 2014." If this was v.2012 then no doubt, but since it's gonna USFV and Akuma has no vortex and with airfireball nerf etc.. It's gonna be too hard.

Sakonoko shows off his amazing Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 combo skills in this AverMedia recording device demonstration
He actually said in the video that he's done the Rufus only combo countless times in matches. Sick.

Updated: Results and stream archive Wednesday Night Fights 2013 #3.2 - Injustice: Gods Among Us, SSF4 and SFxT v2013
Over 5 hours of nothing but Injustice.. I guess it's their favorite game then. Though would like for them to have more of the other games too.

Asking users to disable their ad blocking software, and why it's important for EventHubs
I tried without the AdBlock and it was fine, but later realized that if I watch a stream here on EventHubs it also removes the AdBlock from them and I have to watch 30 second ads which I don't want.. I support you guys but it doesn't mean I want to support every random stream I watch once in a while. So unfortunately I put the AdBlock back on.

Cross Counter Live S3E5 - Aris joins Gootecks to discuss the Tekken community
Yeah really misleading title. This had nothing to do with Tekken other than Aris being there as a guest.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at EventHubs
This has been my favourite site for all the fighting game content for a long time now and I don't see that changing. I look forward to how Eventhubs will grow bigger and better with new features. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in EH!

Complete Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tier list from top Korean player Help Me
@17 Dr.B is pretty bad, but he just came out so we don't know everything about him yet, he might still have some sick tech we haven't discovered yet. Capos = Christie, Tiger, Eddy.

Perfect Legend: There is only one Kung Lao player, everyone else is just a bootleg copy - Evo 2012 champ lists best MK9 players by character
PL with dat real talk