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Past comments by Luffy086
Rose's USF4 tier match ups broken down by EVO 2014 winner Luffy
For Claw, Rose doesn't have any bnb on him thanks to his fabulous hitbox, even ch cmp spiral doesn't connect if the clk mk isnt VERY close.. And yeah Claw outpoke rose with his range, his is easy to confirm into ex barcelona. His jumping arc/speed are very good against Rose fireball; he can punish mispaced spiral easily with clp cmp ex barcelona.. In that matchup, Rose really have to work to get ...

Rose's USF4 tier match ups broken down by EVO 2014 winner Luffy
Juri totally nullifies Rose fireball game as she can punish reflect and spark with a dive (just neutral jump after throwing your fb then react to what Rose is doing). So Juri does control the game. Juri ex wheel went fully invul, so she can use it between cmp spiral/spark string without fear. Juri's Jhp is very difficult or near impossible to Antiair without Ex bars. And the list can go on in how Juri ...

'In a 10v10 scenario, I think Europe is better than the US at Street Fighter' - Justin Wong lists top 10 players from both regions and more
Good interview, btw, its MD|Luffy :)

Super vs Battle 20-X results for Super Street Fighter 4, HDR, 3rd Strike
why are pple arguing with 'who is the best?' Can't we just play?