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SSB4 with characters: [u'Bayonetta', u'Ness']
His grab game can help him ignore witch time for most of the match and aparently fair can beat out with time (but isn't as reliable of course). PK Thunder is also gr8 for harassing bayo offstage, yes she won't die, but its still a thing, His aerials are typically more threatening than hers on a single hit, allowing him to trade with her lack of disjoints pretty effectively to get a percent lead. He ...

Abadango shares his Super Smash Bros. 4 tier list, ranks Cloud among the top six characters
For those who are still complaining about this list, remember this... The Japanese meta is completely different than our meta today, so some characters such as Kirby Ness and Ike will be pretty low tier since their results are much worse than the results they get in America

SSBM with characters: [u'Fox', u'Marth']

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