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Past comments by LordAkira
Dragon Ball FighterZ National Championships results
iirc NYChrisG was released from Evil Geniuses.

Lady Geese joins the roster of King of Fighters Allstar following gender-bent version of Maxima, Brian, Kim, Chang and others
Rule 63 strikes again.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has now sold over 20 million units worldwide according to Masahiro Sakurai
... and has significantly more sales than the Wii U.

Ed only has three advantageous matches according to Di3mini0n's recently released match up chart for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
Dieminion's biggest legacy was being one of the best Guile players in USF4. I've heard EventHubs bring him up very often during the SF4 days. Cool that he's still in the FGC, but he's not a world class player in V the way he was in IV.

We should probably kiss any chance of seeing a Tekken representative appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate goodbye at this point
More importantly, who would voice Heihachi. Unsho Ishizuka passed away a few years ago. That also makes Heihachi's appearance unlikely.

AT&T reportedly looking to sell Warner Bros. gaming division including NetherRealm Studios and possibly Mortal Kombat property

Sakura has the quickest backward walk speed in Street Fighter 5, but she's only the fourth fastest forward marcher; walk speeds for all characters
lmao at that Abbey Road banner.

Who are the 10 easiest characters to use in Street Fighter 5? EventHubs' roundtable technical tier list part 1
This is good news for James Chen since he's a Cammy loyalist.

Ladiva pulls out 2 Skybound Arts against Vaseraga in Granblue Fantasy: Versus as he tries to stomp the yard and run the clock for over a minute
Ninomae is famous for being one of the strongest SF4 Rose players in Japan, for those who don't know already.

The original game's cast have largely been included, but who else is looking likely to be part of Guilty Gear Strive's launch roster?
Majin, you forgot about Sin. Sin's just as important to the plot as Sol and Ky.