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End of Smash Bros DLC ahead? Upcoming special Smash broadcast in December will be the last
bayonetta or banjo pls :( (shovel knight!!)

'I actually barely practice and instead I think about the game all day, and imagine scenarios' - Infiltration's AMA interview
training like Piccolo

Is Ono hinting at Urien in Street Fighter 5 this time? The Capcom producer and his Blanka toy strike again
t hawk.

Ono teases another Street Fighter 5 reveal for the Tokyo Game Show, can you guess who it is?
Hope they just go full new characters like streetfighter3, only 4 were from streetfighter 2.(but damn i want urien and alex :c )

Super Smash Bros 4 community patch notes detail a massive list of balance changes to characters in latest update
really? again? dedede :( not even one(useful)

EventHubs lists top 50 current Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 players, #20 - #11 - voice your opinions on Twitter: #UMvC3rank
lol? marlin is super free to kbr

Nominate the most difficult or unfair boss characters ever in fighting games
hhmm true saiki kof13? o_o

EventHubs readers would most like to see Rash from Battletoads guest star in the new Killer Instinct
poor banjo u_u

ShadyK on potential UMvC3 update: Embrace X-Factor, but not THAT much - nerf Vergil's XF Devil Trigger or Spiral Swords
strider needs some dmg buff.. :( (xfactor dmg its fine of course) also its kinda weird he can get hit when he activates Lvl 3, i mean orbs should hit while he is being attacked like in mvc1/mvc2 u.u

ChrisG experimenting with other teams and characters in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, has cheap stuff with Magneto
other teams = morrigan/doom/ "others" ?