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Street Fighter 5 near 500 entrants at Final Round 20, breakdown of attendance for other games
Unlike Capcom games like Street Fighter & Marvel, SNK doesn't exactly have to prove to America about KOF being popular there; It's popular elsewhere. It's a fact that many people have been losing interest in Street Fighter V for a while; Most casuals have ditched it a long time ago, & even long-term SF fans are being put off by it & Capcom's decisions about the game, especially when it comes to wanting fan favorite ...

The new King of Fighters 14 netcode patch is live, but how good is it? Here's the feedback we've gotten thus far
Smaller player bases in fighting games has absolutely nothing to do with how decent netcode works.

Will King of Fighters 14 dethrone Street Fighter 5 as the spotlight game in the FGC?
I definitely agree. Street Fighter wouldn't exactly be where it is today without competition from other fighters like Tekken, KOF, Fatal Fury, Mortal Kombat, etc. Capcom didn't come up with a hidden character of their own (Akuma/Gouki) until Midway did with Mortal Kombat 1 (Reptile). That's just one example out of many. And even when Capcom stopped with SF for a while after 3rd Strike, fighting games still kept going, like other posters such as ...

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