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Super Smash Bros. 4
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SSB4 with characters: [u'ROB', u'Sonic']
This is one of Sonic's worse matchups. ROB can ruin Sonic's approach with side-B and gyros, and ROB's N-air can ruin Sonic's combos as well as do considerable damage. ROB essentially just has to camp with gyros and keep away from him until Sonic makes a mistake, and ROB can punish him.

SSB4: Ness - PK Flash
If custom moves are enabled, I recommend using Rising PK Flash (the second option). It's easier to actually hit with it as it has a larger hitbox and a more predictable path, and does almost as much damage as the main one. It's also very useful after an up-throw if the enemy is at higher percentages. They'll be launched upwards, and if they don't dodge in time, they'll be K.O'd by the attack. PK freeze, ...

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