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Chandelure confirmed for Pokken Tournament
A chandelier??? LOL interesting. I'm glad they are going for variety. Man...this goes to show iI've been out of the scene awhile. This is also good to get people up to date on all the generations of Pokemon. Me personally I want to see Totodile as my and Psyduck just to beat on or an assist.

Ralf, Billy Kane, Angel, Kula, King, and 50 character roster confirmed for King of Fighters 14
Wow...that cast...this is at least a buy when the price drops. I'm praying this is still heavily in development. Not so much the graphics...just the janky animations and loss of SNK type detail you usually see. I'll keep hoping and praying. Angel tho!!

This guy got his dad to reenact the win poses from Street Fighter 2, and his Dhalsim dance is top tier

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