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King of Fighters 15 Designer shares beautiful portrait of Blue Mary and teases what team she might be joining this time
Leading Team Red Wolves maybe: Alice & Rock

Masahiro Sakurai: Two fighters remain for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the game will be finalized with their release
Hoping for both Playable versions Kyo & Akira to promote both VF5US & KOFXV Akira: * Costumes: VF1 & VF5 versions of P1 & P2 * Some playstyle based on DBFC & DOA5 * Assist Trophy: Pai. Welp, too obvious. Not counting PxZ2 * Stage: VF5 Statues Kyo: * Black Jacket & Headband (Orochi Saga & XV) & White Jacket Headband-less (NESTS & XIV) * Playstyle heavily based on Fireball style, with a bit of ...

Blue Mary announced for The King of Fighters 15
I’m ready to get my bones broken by her. Meaning I’m planning to buy this game since she’s here. <3 Team Red Wolves = Mary, Alice & Rock

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