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SSBU with characters: [u'Peach / Daisy', u'R.O.B.']
I'd have to disagree and say that Peach wins. Being a heavy character is great for Peach because she can easily rack up 60%+ damage on R.O.B. Because of her Float ability, she can weave her way around R.O.B.'s lasers, especially when getting back to stage. Plus, her Turnips can contest his Gyro, as she can pull multiple Turnips at a time while R.O.B. can have only one Gyro out at a time. The only ...

SSBU with characters: [u'Pichu', u'Simon / Richter']
One of, if not, Simon / Richter's worst matchup. Because Pichu is so small and quick, he can easily maneuver around all of the Belmonts' projectiles. Being the lightest character, Pichu is less likely to get trapped in any of their combos as well. The worst part of this matchup for the Belmonts is that their offstage game is very poor, and despite the nerf to forward tilt, Pichu has plenty of options to keep ...

SSBU with characters: [u'Peach / Daisy', u'Sora']
I know it's early, but how exactly does Sora win here? He does have great aerial mobility and attacks, but his keyblade doesn't have as much range as other swordies. Plus, his disadvantage state is below average, and as far as I've seen, she can still set up her usual combos on him once she gets in. I'm not seeing how Peach loses, and to say that she just loses to swordies because they have ...

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