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Is Infiltration's reign as the undisputed best Street Fighter 5 player nearing an end? Korean player fails to make top 8 at second consecutive event
This 'upset' may come down to two factors. The game is still fairly new, and people have not figured out each characters specific strengths and weaknesses. Also, it may be more fairly balanced than we realize, and how each person plays in each individual match with their character may actually have more impact on whether they win, as opposed to what character they have picked.

Capcom tried to distance itself from SF3 with Street Fighter 4, bring back SF2's players - did they succeed?
Yes, but it brought a lot of flack from individuals who wanted a game more like 3rd Strike. Who ever they seem to bring back in, CAPCOM seems to push others out. They are bad at balancing interests, it seems to me.

Kazunoko makes Cammy look overpowered as he destroys Xian, Nuki and Osayu in this incredible player showcase
Like Cammys' over all play style, just wish she had a standing overhead. Could be extremely weak, but would still open up her playstyle a little.

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