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E. Honda
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Capcom wants your feedback on the 2014 Pro Tour, let them know what you liked or disliked in the comments
Music show was too long, terrible. As I live in France, I couldn't keep my eyes opened because of different time day in US, Night in Europe, so I fell asleep and did not no longer watch the end of the tournament until dawn. So I saw results and replay few days later.

Daigo: Street Fighter 5's pace is currently too slow; feels that fighting games should limit number of possible blocks, techs, and reduce time limit
I approve the fact a fighting game has to be more offensive, and Street Fighter V is very too slow, but currently just an alpha version, so today it doesn't matter, the game will be quicker for sure. I think Daigo-san talks about guard limit to ring a bell about Guard Crush like old Street Fighters series, and this is not bad at all, escape throw limit ... maybe a joke, I can't agree. Time ...

EventHubs asks: Are too many fighting games being released?
Too many but too good. They are all different, the first step is to choice between 2D or 3D style game. But saturation is a big issue in competitive scene. To pratice just one game to fight in tournament is a lot of time consuming but people request it. Don't forget that Blazblue Chrono Phantasma will release soon, rumors about new Darkstalkers and Online remake in wish list like Rival Schools, The Last Blade 2, ...

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