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Past comments by KnowoneKnows16
Injustice 2 with characters: [u'Bane', u'Swamp Thing']
Bane destroys swampy on this one. Swamp Thing's projectiles wouldn't even keep Bane out. Close up, Bane simply has the advantages at damage, mobility, cross up's and anti-airs. This isn't fair at all

Injustice 2 with characters: [u'Bane', u'Darkseid']
Bane's armor gets him through all of Darkseids projectiles with trait. Darkseid would have to use his own trait to stop that and it's much more limited than Bane's trait. Bane can also easily counter Darkseids air teleport and ground stomp (I forgot the name) with his anti-air grab (yet again I forgot the name) and Venom Uppercut. Try again

Injustice 2 with characters: [u'Bane', u'Deadshot']
Bane's armor let's him large trhough projectiles. Than once he gets through the projectile's, his damage would end the match in no time. Deadoshot is insanely overrated. All you need to do to block every single one of his projectile move's is duck. Bane can do that while on debuff, use his venom uppercut or Bane bomb if deadshot decides to get close. Than once he has his buff, use charge to get close to ...