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Danhilo's fighting game art sees some of our favorites in a particularly cute light
Felicia <3

Update: What're the 10 best costumes in all of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition?
I am heavily biased towards Menat (especially for Felicia) and Birdie.

Update: Bad boys, rich kids, nerds, class clowns - Which fighting game lunch table would you sit at in high school?
Isn't it obvious? Table 3 hands down.

Check out Taho's beautiful ladies of fighting games artwork
Are you kidding? Menat's costume is fine as it is.

Check out Taho's beautiful ladies of fighting games artwork
W...Where's her tail?! o_O

Capcom and Fan Forge team up to let artists design their own official Street Fighter merchandise with a grand prize challenge judged by FGC legends
If only.. IF ONLY I had artistic talent I need that Dan Deck like yesterday.

Street Fighter X Tekken's online community is still very much alive holding regular tournaments with tons of tools for those looking to jump in
All three platforms are still breathing with players! Hell, even the Vita version has players still! There's a good handful of folks still streaming the game from Twitch and Youtube!

Poll results: Which ARMS characters would you like to see join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster?
You're gonna look back on that comment in a few years and think "I wish I hadn't said that"

Update: Capcom reveals new Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Capcom Pro Tour DLC including stages, costumes, and more coming March 24
Why Gill look like the lovechild of John Ratcliffe and Clopin?

Updated Capcom Pro Tour 2020 rules ban certain Street Fighter 5 costumes and colors from tournament play including poor Blanka-chan
Oh sweet, so Felicia can be used!