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Udon's new Street Fighter Unlimited comic line nods to some of the most famous comic covers of all time
Okay one HUGE Questions is in order: What is "Q" doing in the 2nd to last picture?? It is also intriguing that this is the only picture to feature the SFV time frame. A future DLC hint maybe?

'He kicked the fireball!' - Chris Tatarian wins last night's Wednesday Night Fights with a spectacular Ken punish
Many people seem to not know about how Ken's Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku changes in VT. Basically, all versions of Ken's Tatsumaki gain projectile properties similar to Necalli's The Disk's Guidance charge special move and do nullify all sorts of projectiles, including other moves that have similar properties, like Necalli's and Karin's V-Skill. But the timing is pretty hard since the active frames don't last for very long, and the moves themselves are not really a go ...

'WOW. Ken got nerfed to hell' - Sabre discusses Ken's changes in the latest beta, and most of them aren't too hot
Here are some more: Air tatsumakis have more hitstun, it is possible to link a c.MP now but not a HP or HP. But as a negative, they no longer suck the opponent in on a crossup (they now work like BlazBlue crossups.) I found this sad because crossup air tatsu left Ken at point blank range and with frame advantage on block or with a combo on hit, but had to be very deep ...

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