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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid update Version 2.0 adds full cross-platform play between PS4, Xbox, PC and Switch plus new online lobbies
While this is still very different from what I imagine a Power Rangers fighting game could be, this is a pretty big step for the genre.

ArcSys is a little torn between using rollback or delay-based netcode for Guilty Gear: Strive according to Daisuke Ishiwatari
I'm gonna be completely real here while everybody is waxing on about these games either being great or unplayable like a bunch of hipster indy critics, but the vast majority player experiences with today's delay based online fighters really isn't a cesspool. Nor are games with rollback some unparalleled savior (in fact when rollback goes bad, it's worse than any 1-bar match I ever had). Maybe I'm 'doing it wrong' coming in here saying anything ...

Harada states he wants to be careful to understand cultures and avoid stereotypes when designing future Tekken characters
Characters in ensemble games like fighters or hero shooters tend to invoke certain stereotypes to be expressive about where the character comes from. Sometimes you Ken Masters who's just an American dude, and then Guile who's this overtly US military guy (based on Japan's perspective of US bases in their country). Perhaps the future of character design will lean toward personality archetypes rather than cultural, but the latter isn't the end of the world. Also, ...

Sajam: Stop making excuses for fighting games that don't have good netcode, UI, and online lobbies in 2019
Eastern devs will always have an edge in gameplay design, but there's a reason the best examples of fighting game netcode are western fighters. They simply aren't familiar with our infrastructure, while western devs are way ahead for obvious reasons. To be completely honest, it's probably best that they outsource that particular facet of their game to specialized studio.

How to fix Marvel vs. Capcom in seven steps, with Maximilian
Lot of the ideas are vague and/or just asking for MvC2.

Fantasy Strike is now available, features cross-play, and goes in on Sony for continuing to refuse to play nice with others
It's strange that you respond to Sony's infamous refusal to allow cross-play by casting aspersions on the Xbox userbase. I'm not sure why anybody would be defensive about that while not even being a Sony employee. But here's the facts: There are many games with cult followings that while loyal, is not enough to support a smooth online experience. Titanfall 2 and BlazBlue players can attest to this. These communities can have their connections and ...

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows 3v3 arena fighting game announced

XO Academy is a new organization dedicated to helping women in fighting games, and they already have a pretty amazing roster of specialists
"Solve sexism with sexism."

Big or small scale, if the FGC wants bigger prize pools the answer looks to be crowdfunding

Update: ZeRo's latest tier list with full breakdowns
You mean making an attention seeking tier list 30mins after the game launches wasn't comprehensive enough?!