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Injustice: Gods Among Us' Clash feature has combo breaking properties, uses betting system
Hmm, so I'm gathering that it's kind of like the opposite of Marvel's TAC (in the sense that it's a defensive act here whereas in Marvel it's offensive), except with a twist and potentially annoying and long cinematics to go along with it. One thing I want for the game is to be able to bypass all the cinematic cut scenes and such. They might be cool for the first couple of weeks--I'm sure casuals ...

Devs: Injustice deeper than Mortal Kombat 9, combo system more elaborate - improved net code, hold back to block
Allowing more stuff in the combo system does not necessarily equate to it having longer combos, although that may very well be the case. Nothing is coming directly to mind, but I always think the game would be more entertaining if certain things worked in MK9 that currently do not, when I occasionally watch it on streams (I don't own it myself nor do I intend to ever purchase it). Also, holding back to block ...

Evolution 2012 announcement trailer - Round 1
Mr. Wizard said yesterday on Cross Counter Live that Evo2k12 will be streamed on TWiTCH, not own3d.

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