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Past comments by Johnry
First match footage of Poison, Rolento, Elena and Hugo in Ultra Street Fighter 4
So much for 撮影禁止 (No photography / videoing) :P

Check out how stacked the brackets are for the Tokyo Game Show SSF4 AE v2012 tourney, top 8 will be best of 9 format
It seems whoever translated the Japanese doesn't know street fighter characters names - they forgot to translate Balrog as Vega and Vega as M.Bison and just did a literal translation

Battle Point Guide for Super Street Fighter 4 Online Ranked Mode
@ Madbeats I got that information FROM ME LEVELLING UP! And fyi, I got the Grand Master rank when I only had 30,048BP. (I am on PSN btw). @ WorldWarriorMessatsu Warrior rank does not exist on 360/PS3 (at least no-ones has achieved it).

Battle Point Guide for Super Street Fighter 4 Online Ranked Mode
Grand Master rank = Having achieved Master rank, win 45 games in a row. It does NOT have anything to do with BP.

Training mode menu, Ryu's easy input commands in Street Fighter X Tekken
Up -> Down -> Left -> Right -> A+Start ..... KKKK!!! OOOOOO!!!!!!

Capcom Japan hosting cosplay contest for Street Fighter X Tekken
Chun li #3 Asuka #5 ... and I refuse to consider the other two because they are supposed to be white. It's nearly as irreverent as casting that white guy to play Goku in that Dragonball Evolution movie.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE: M.Bison guide updated with the latest information
There is a small error with the Ultra 1 description when it says it can only be comboed into with FA or hell attack. These are the only PRACTICAL ways. U1 can also be comboed into with jb.HK and jb.HP in very limited circumstances.

Updated: New blog details more changes to Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012
Good Bison buff. I'm pleased. :)

Bios and a few images of Toro and Kuro in Street Fighter X Tekken
Are these cats things for real!? I thought they were just a creation of Ono's trolling and nothing more than that....

Translation of Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012 blog changes
Aaaaa!! So much for giving Bison his fireball motion U2 back :(