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King of Fighters 14 is more about strategy, as opposed to being so execution-heavy; KOF champ Reynold and Mr. KOF demo the new title
It's been almost a year, bud. Still going strong. We have a Steam release coming up soon, too, mate.

Still struggling to learn the art of King of Fighters 14? Antinomy's updated chart will help you find the best characters to start out with
It takes longer because of the three on three that it's always been. Also, most of the people that play go to lobbies, not ranked.

Romance explains the most fun aspect of KOF, community reception of the latest game and why YOU should be playing it in this exclusive interview
Of course it's a balanced game! Can't be serious.

Whip being added to King of Fighters 14 on April 5th, will cost $5.99
Missing out, man. Best fighting game in a long time.

Yamazaki revealed as King of Fighters 14's second DLC character, here's his official trailer
He's always looked better than Ken in general. A heck of a lot more of an interesting character, too.

Yamazaki revealed as King of Fighters 14's second DLC character, here's his official trailer
It's not CVS3, and it never will be. Thank Christ.

Iggi JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Moves, Characters, Combos and Strategy Guides

Geese sends Billy flying backward across the stage, Yuri juggles with four air fireballs, and more: Combonauts are the kings of KOF14 combos
Yuri did it first.

All of King of Fighters 14's trials uploaded to YouTube - check out what your favorite characters are capable of
These trials aren't necessarily useless, they're there for the beginner's and the people that might not know what supers cancel into what. Like it doesn't seem like Power Geyser can go into EX Buster Wolf. But Buster wolf can go into EX Power Geyser. I like that. These combos are just for starting newbies out to help them get more creative after being shown what's possible.

K' Team Trailer released, presumably final King of Fighters 14 Team Trailer features K', Kula and Maxima
People act like long super animations are a new thing. KoF games did this back in the day, too and nobody complained. Have you seen Clark's SAB DM? Robert's Ranbu? Kyo's MAX 2 in 2002, and his LDM in 2003 and XI.