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Past comments by JoeLewis
Who should compete in the Next Level Battle Circuit vs. Wednesday Night Fights 5v5 at EVO 2014? Cast your votes now!
Something to remember about considering Dieminion is that he rarely has gone to NLBC overall.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 E3 invitational results feat. Infiltration, Ryan Hart, Justin Wong, PR Balrog, Ricky Ortiz, K-Brad, Valle & Jayce
K-Brad dropped Cammy, atleast for the time being, for Decapre. Hes been very enthusiastic about the character.

Spring Fighter 2014 results, stream archive feat. Alex Valle, Lord Knight, Insaynne, DaFeetLee, Poem, Spab Rog, Manny and more
The game is still new. However, Manny and Spab played a good tournament today, the deserve the wins. It's unfortunate it takes good Elfs to win to show that people really did not do their homework for 5+ years.

ChrisG and Filipino Champ discuss the state of the FGC, EVO and more in Live on 3 interview
I wonder how different the conversation would be if Chris G was getting a player based sponsorship. I can tell by the way he talks and how AGE handles things thats not the case, a player based sponsorship. I want to see a player like Chris achieve the highest success. I think his play speaks louder than a lot of the current sponsors within fighting games. Aquasilk said it best when him and I were ...

Step Up Your Game: Chapter 12 - Online Warriors
Glad to see that Native is getting better. Not a lot of people can see it but he puts in a lot of work. He has come miles away from a year ago. Its great to see!

Justin Wong: Street Fighter X Tekken has the potential to take over Street Fighter 4 - more interviews from Winter Brawl 7
SFxT is better than SF4. People have been playing bad Capcom games too long to realize when there is actually a good one. Also, since SF4 pounded bad fundamentals into the new age of players, they are spoiled. Oh well, I'll keep playing cross. Can't force people to play a game when they refuse to adapt.

Report: IGN cancels IPL6 eSports tournament

Dieminion leaves Broken Tier, joins Empire Arcadia - Rolando Brison talks history of the Video X Games
KOOGY PLZ BibleThump

Updated: Results and stream archive Next Level Battle Circuit #7 featuring Street Fighter X Tekken v2013, UMvC3 & SSF4 AE v2012
Sorry for the difficulties with Cross Tekken. There was a console switch and that console (which was switched) was not updated. Hopefully it will not happen again in the future because that really delayed a lot of the tournament stream matches in general. Thankfully it did not delay the tournament too extremely.

New Street Fighter X Tekken glitch makes impossible combos possible
Alisa players have been doing that in their combos.... Wow.. Never looked a it this way. Good stuff,