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Past comments by JoeLewis
Updated: Steam release pushed up, available for download now; Ultra Street Fighter 4 retail version currently in stores, new trailer
Can someone with the disc version please explain what was added/not added? Confirm that the disc says "ULTRA 1.02" etc Too much speculation on people who dont have the physical copy..

All of the new Ultra Street Fighter 4 costumes revealed - Summer Vacation DLC outfits for everyone
T.Hawk has the best costume. Nothing else matters

Daigo unleashes the Satsui no Hadou on Yeb, Pro Fluke, Coach Steve, and more in these Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition matches
You Daigo fanboys really have to chill out a little bit. He had a bad EVO, it can happen to anyone. Stop making up excuses for Daigo about why he scrubbed out of EVO. I understand rooting for you favorite player, but the level that people have for Daigo is absolutely incredible. If hes not 1st, then that must mean someone, other than him, did something wrong. Some people are positive about his short comings. ...

Interrupting a move that can't be interrupted: Elena can punish Balrog during his true block-string Super in Ultra Street Fighter 4
I read all of these comments, for better or for worse. For the record, Elena is not that overpowering to deserve this kind of backlash due to one very small issue. The issue is that her crouching hurt-box needs to be slightly extended. No all true block strings don't work on her because shes not getting his "box perfect", so the block string is not true anymore. The same thing happens to her VS Deejay ...

Confirmed: Gen's Ultra 2 is advantageous on block when cancelling pre-jump frames - EventHubs tests and shows you how to do it
Games fine. Obviously some problems. A lot just seem like oversights. Remember this is version 1.0

Daigo: 'I switched from Ryu to Evil Ryu because of Yun'; Ken, Akuma, Sagat are mid-tier but viable
If you notice, all of Daigos characters are strong burst, touch of death characters. Touch of death, high mix up, high damage characters are the way go . I personally believe if you are going to EVO this year and you don't play one of these characters, you really don't stand a chance of making it to top 8

Daigo lists his top 10 fighters in Ultra Street Fighter 4, feels Sagat is weak now
I don't think Dudely is strong enough to make it to top 3 at a large scale event. Too read heavy. Sure he has strong burst damage but the requirements to stay solid throughout an entire event is just too high,

Daigo lists his top 10 fighters in Ultra Street Fighter 4, feels Sagat is weak now
Too early to make top 10 lists.

BrolyLegs' Ultra Street Fighter 4 Poison match-up chart
Seriously. The name is offensive. Why is there even an attempt at a counter argument? Belittling anyone for amusement is not OK. He made a mistake for changing his name, even if he did not mean to.

BrolyLegs' Ultra Street Fighter 4 Poison match-up chart
Ive been playing my fair share of USF4 and I can say, without a doubt in my mind, I cannot make a matchup chart. A month is not enough time to compile a realistic list that shows accurate information, this is a good bench mark however,