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Past comments by Jake_da_Thrilla
Poll Results: What do you think about Street Fighter 6's gameplay and art style?
Overall, I got no complaints. I hope yhat this game plays as good as it looks!

Street Fighter 5 takes a page out of Tekken 7's book with this hype slow-mo KO clip
It would be amazing if Street Fighter 6 implement this feature.

Tekken's Mokujin beating the stuffing out of Patrick from Spongebob is the funniest thing you'll see all day
YouTube was MADE for stuff like this!!! LMAO

Why do Mortal Kombat developers seem to hate Reptile so much?
MK2 Reptile was an excellent example of, "Cool concept, crap execution".

Why do Mortal Kombat developers seem to hate Reptile so much?
I always played with his human skin in Mk9. I couldn't stand either of his other skins in that game. MKX was a bit better in the design department as far as the skins are concerned. I think everyone can agree that the less mentioned about the design of the 3D era of Reptile's design, the better

MK11: Baraka - Blade Spark
Baraka's projectile which like most in the game is a high. Above average damage with decent speed, meter burning it will cause an extra spark to fly out at mid height.

MK11: Baraka - Lunging Blades
A overhead with above average range, this move will hop over low pokes and cause a hard knockdown on hit. Unsafe on block.

Daigo reveals how a loss to Tokido's surprise Balrog helped him foresee a 'trap' and allowed him to win a CPT event
The six P's at work... Proper planning prevents p*ss poor performance.

Picking the right mechanic for Street Fighter 6
I am not a big fan of Focus attacks, but I did like the FADC aspect of SF4.

Picking the right mechanic for Street Fighter 6
I think that Crush Counters should be a once per round only sort of thing. Someone like M.Bison can abuse his all day long. I would bring back Air blocking and air throws as universal mechanics that along with air attacks, have a paper-rock-scissors method in play. Air blocks beat air attacks, air throws beat air blocks, and air attacks beat air throws.