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Past comments by Jake_da_Thrilla
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Extended Fight Lab and Combot trailer
The ability to utilize different techniques for your own personal Combot is pretty sweet, though I hope that it doesn't cause balance issues.

Infiltration vs. Poongko - Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 endless matches
I think what happened is that someone finally figured Poongko's play style out and developed a counter-strategy. If Poongko doesn't adapt to Infilitration, then the Seth beatings will continue to happen.

Alex, Forest Law, P-Jack and Tiger Jackson announcement trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2
To anyone that's complaining about who's in this game remember that this is a NON-CANON game. It doesn't make sense to complain about pallete swap characters, as this sort of thing been going on since Tekken 2. Quite a few characters are very similar to each other Baek/Hwoarang Eddie/Christie Bruce/Bryan Nina/Anna King/Armor King In each of these cases, 80% of these characters' moveset is about the same, yet I don't hear anyone complain about them ...

Marvel vs. Capcom Origins coming to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network
Interesting news. Like #62 said, a color edit mode would be sweet.

Maximilian's Street Fighter X Tekken TOW: Ep. 12 'Resurrection' and Week of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Day 1 - 4
Anyone know the size of the game file for Virtua Fighter 5 FS?

Street Fighter X Tekken PC re-skins showing Oni, Seth, Haggar, X-23 and more
The first vid was great (especially the Seth).

NetherRealm Studios announces new DC Entertainment fighting game - Injustice: Gods Among Us, trailer and artwork
I'm still in wait and see mode on this one. I want more info before I make a decision whether to pass on this or not.

Batman battles Iron Man - Super Street Fighter 4 PC mod
This is very impressive!

Maximilian's Week two of Street Fighter X Tekken days 1-5, SFxT The Online Warrior episode 11 and more
I think that Capcom, in an effort to make their quota for the quarter, rushed this game out too soon. If they would've waited until the game was ready to be released on PS Vita, then I believe that the company could've put that extra time into balancing, fixing bugs, etc. Also, the 12 characters THAT ARE ALREADY ON THE DISC

Time-lapsed M. Bison artwork comes together before your eyes
Now this is some mighty fine work right here. Respect.