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Past comments by Jake_da_Thrilla
Paul Street Fighter X Tekken Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
Paul's pretty good in this game in the very short time I've played. Will definitively been playing him some more in the future.

Uncharted's Nathan Drake was considered for Street Fighter X Tekken
Cole's a WAY better choice if it's between him and Nate. HOWEVER, Nathan Drake's would've been a better choice than those stupid cats.

Updated: Street Fighter X Tekken alt. costumes for Xiaoyu, Jin, Vega, Ogre, Akuma, Paul and more
Paul has the ONLY cool outfit out of these shown.

History of Poison: Video examines gender, origins and more
I really enjoyed viewing this video and gaining some knowledge about this controversial character. Good work, MegatonStammer.

Updated: Street Fighter X Tekken Kuma, Asuka, Julia, Raven, Nina, Heihachi, Steve and Abel character demos by Crackfiend and LPN
ROFL at Mecha Zangief in Kuma's demo!

Vita Street Fighter X Tekken due in fall 2012 with 12 new characters - Elena, Blanka, others confirmed
@#285 Doesn't surprise me; Capcom's gonna make those characters DLC later. I'm calling it now.

Law Street Fighter X Tekken Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
Glad the man has his mustache back!

Street Fighter X Tekken move lists updated on EventHubs
Hey Eventhubs staff, Good work you guys are doing. Thanks.

Capcom registers a new Darkstalkers trademark in Japan and Europe
I'm down with this as long as Capcom takes their time and not try to rush the game out.

Patroklos (Alpha) Soul Calibur 5 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
#2 Either way, the CPU version of this character is a beast. Dishes out combos that takes 45% of your health easy.