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Past comments by Jake_da_Thrilla
SF6: Zangief - Screw Piledriver
An important thing to remember about the SPD is that despite the fact that it is a command grab, it will NOT beat a regular throw or strike that is faster that it start-up frames. For example, if you try to grab an opponent on their wake-up with it, a regular throw performed by the oppnent will win out every time. In fact, a missed SPD animation is twice as long as a normal grab, ...

A.K.I. gameplay debut trailer released for Street Fighter 6, releases September 27
To think that buying A.K.I. is half the cost as getting one of the TMNT skins....

One of the best Modern Street Fighter 6 players tries Ken and walks away thinking he may be the strongest with the new controls
Not surprising. Making a character that already has strong tools easier to use is only going to be a net positive.

Snake Eyez beat arguably the best character in Street Fighter 6 with the worst character in the game and qualified for Capcom Cup
Definitely in agreement. While Snake Eyez been rocking with Zangief since at least SF4, the average Gief player struggles with the big lug. Outside insane damage with the SPD, he doesn't have anything that would make him a threat against most of the cast.

Heated Debate on the power of Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6
I think that the real issue with Drive Rush is that with certain characters, (Dee Jay, Juri) it is a godsend, while others (Zangief and ESPECIALLY Manon) get very specific usage out of it. If the mechanic is good, but it need a bit of fine tuning.

Heated Debate on the power of Drive Rush in Street Fighter 6
Valid point. I always wondered why the grapplers like Zangief and Manon, whom have to get in close to be a threat, have the worst DR in the game. One would think that would be the opposite.

Capcom releases online Street Fighter 6 character stat rankings for July to show the most popular characters for each rank
I feel ya. He has a solid moveset, but I just don't care for him as a character. He is like a mash-up of Guile and Zangief design wise.

Spongebob's Plankton announced for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 alongside new Slime mechanics
Nee gameplay mechanics in these types of games are always welcome.

Geras announced for Mortal Kombat 1 in new trailer
Geras was definitely the best of the newcomers. This is a great reveal.

Street Fighter 6 Director: To put it bluntly, we could have made the game without Classic Controls at all
I found thoughout the years that casuals fans help a game make money. Hardcore fans keep a game making money.