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Past comments by Jake_da_Thrilla
Panda unveiled for Tekken 8 in unorthodox fashion
Legitimately surprised that only ONE new character have been shown so far for the base roster. Hope that there are at least a couple more before all is said and done.

SF6: Lily - Condor Dive
Condor Dive is similar to also every other dive type move in the game save for one distinction; Lily can perform the move by jumping straight up instead of just forward. This give her more versatility as it pertains to conditioning the opponent to react how she wants them to. The move knocks down on hit, with the Wind Stock version doing more hits, damage, and bounces Lily futher from her opponent on block.

SF6: Lily - Condor Spire
Arguably Lily's most important special move outside Condor Wind, Condor Spire has Lily spin toward the opponent like a tiny M.Bison. This move can be comboed from a Back Heavy Punch or crounching Light Punch. The main use of this move, however, is to approach the opponent to get close enough to do her strike/throw mixup. Every version, Wind stock powered or not, knocks down on hit, but on block is where things matter. Without ...

SF6: Lily - Condor Wind
The cornerstone of Lily's gameplay, Condor Wind provides Lily one stock of Condor Wind. In the most basic terms, a stock of Condor Wind provides any of Lily's special moves outside of Mexican Typhoon extra hits, damage, and frame advantage on hit and block. Example, a Light Condor Spire will only hit once without Wind stock, while any version of the move will hit three times, allowing it to break armor. Each version has their ...

New A.K.I. preview shows off full round of venomous gameplay in Street Fighter 6
She looks great in motion.

9-year-old wins Street Fighter 6 tournament set, getting mad respect from everyone including Lily's voice actor
Lily main here. No matter the controls, winning a tournament with her is an impressive feat.

First gameplay footage of Jean-Claude Van Damme skin for Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 1 revealed
I have to believe that this was a true "full circle""moment for Boon when this collaboration came to fruition.

SF6: Zangief - Drive Parry (0.5 bars)
Depending on the match-up, Zangief is very reliant on his drive guage and as such, drive parry is important to his defensive game plan. Since Zangief's wake-up game is among the worst in Street Fighter 6, Drive Parry helps to reduce pressure from oki high-low strike mix ups. The downside is against throws, as it will not only do double damage, but the throw itself becomes unbreakable. Drive Parry is a great option against attacks ...

SF6: Zangief - Crouch Light Kick
At 4 frames, this is Zangief's fastest attack. It can chain into a crouching Light Punch, which can be chained to a tick throw on block for a SPD or even a cancelled into a Lariat. Not as much range as a crouching Light Punch, but an important move nonetheless.

SF6: Zangief - Screw Piledriver
An important thing to remember about the SPD is that despite the fact that it is a command grab, it will NOT beat a regular throw or strike that is faster that it start-up frames. For example, if you try to grab an opponent on their wake-up with it, a regular throw performed by the oppnent will win out every time. In fact, a missed SPD animation is twice as long as a normal grab, ...