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Past comments by Jake_da_Thrilla
Have you noticed the massive change to fireball interactions in Street Fighter 6?
This is huge to SF 6's meta, especially for zoners like Dhalsim and Guile.

Remembering the time Daigo Umehara got a taste of his own medicine in an EVO top 8

Japanese pro goes on 25 game Street Fighter 6 win streak using restricted controls
Exactly. The guy is refered to as "a god" for a reason.

You'd quit playing Street Fighter forever if this happened to you
Sagat's win animation where he was laughing just had to make te loss that much worse.

Street Fighter 6's single player content is unlike anything we’ve seen in the series before
So Capcom finally caught up with Netherrealms in single player content. This is great news.

3 important and interesting Street Fighter 6 mechanics discoveries from the latest showcase
The OD projectiles retaining their double hitting properties after collidingwith another projectile is certainly interesting.

The dumbest characters in Mortal Kombat history
I feel the same way. I would re-imagine him as a setup/trap character that uses several damage over time attacks to whittle down his opponent's health.

The dumbest characters in Mortal Kombat history
Takeda was the only one I would disagree with ya on. He had a pretty cool moveset with a decent gimmick. The other three though...100 agree with you.

Poll Results: Which of Street Fighter 6's announced characters are you most interested in playing?
Right now, it's Jaime. However, depending on how Dee Jay plays, that may change.

Poll Results: What do you think about Street Fighter 6's gameplay and art style?
Overall, I got no complaints. I hope yhat this game plays as good as it looks!