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Ultra Street Fighter 4
T. Hawk
El Fuerte
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD — 7/10
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'I originally picked Dan because I got him on random select' - world's best Dan says he's dissatisfied with USF4 - EventHubs exclusive Ixion interview
I always thought Ixion's hair looked more like Birdie's rather than Charlie.

Punishing Rolento's pesky roll attack on block, hurtboxes that need fixing, and C. Viper tricks against Hugo: Sonyono's latest USF4 tech
You can grab Rolento out of his roll, so no need for block it when they spam it.

More Ultra Street Fighter 4 balance change videos featuring T. Hawk, Makoto, C. Viper, Yang, Balrog, and Dan
Hawk changes are awesome, but i dont see the point in making EX Tomahawk Focus Cancelable. Maybe Ill be usefull for Red Focus combos, but If you wanted a safe wakeup option in exchange for 2 meters you could already do the EX Dive followup, and with that one you have the chance of catching the opponent off-guard.

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