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Dormammu and Viewtiful Joe in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Henshin a go go baby!

Super Street Fighter 4 Fei Long combos in real battles
Sexy! @ #2 These matches are most likely from Endless Mode.

Online version of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike in the works
They better use GGPO with 3rd Strike:OE.

GodsGarden to host invite only online Super Street Fighter 4 tourney
That's really cool. :)

Dubious rumor: Tekken vs. Street Fighter in the works
It would be neat, but one is a 2D fighter and one is a 3D fighter. How will that translate?

Makoto teaches how to count to 10 in Japanese
Awesome stuff. Nice find. :)

Mad Catz inks Daigo Umehara to sponsorship deal
Congrats to Daigo. :)

Launch day for Super Street Fighter 4

Damage values for Super Street Fighter 4's cast
You guys should have kept the old data on the pages so we can see how much damage special moves do now.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3's producer interviewed by
No arcade release? That can't be good. :(