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Version 2012 balance patch for Super Street Fighter 4 AE coming to PC
@3 AE 2012 is coming to arcades. It would be a dumb move on Capcom's behalf if AE12 didn't come there. Would love to see this game go for as long as 3rd Strike did, or even longer.

Free Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition balance patch coming
You don't know how happy I am to hear this. Quick, someone tell Sabin.

New costume pack for Super Street Fighter 4 AE, PC version released
The Steam version is now available for the people who are still waiting for it.

PC Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition move swaps and freaky faces
Yep, those are still funny.

If Arcade Edition does very well, Capcom may revisit Street Fighter 4
God, I hope it does well. Really want them to make one more balance change before they are done with it.

More details about Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition
I wish SF4 had all these features.

Events 35 & 36 unlocked for Marvel vs. Capcom 3
I would love it if these kinds of things came to SF4.

Ono trolls/hints at something more for Super Street Fighter 4 AE? Sven on PC DRM
I always thought 39 characters for the final game is an odd number to leave on. I really wish they would keep making new content for SF4 instead of stopping at AE.

Collection of Darui matches, #1 BP ranked Dhalsim in Super Street Fighter 4 AE
Glad to see people still using characters that got nerfed. I use Honda in Super and I will continue to use him in AE.

No delay expected for Super Street Fighter 4 AE because of PSN outage
I really hope it doesn't get delayed on Xbox because of PSN.