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Past comments by JJOR64
New box art for Super Street Fighter 4
Even after the change, the US boxart still looks terrible.

Updated: Super Street Fighter 4 change notes for six cast members
Good news for Honda, but they should just make all versions of headbutt go over low Tiger Shots.

Archived video from GiantBomb's live Super Street Fighter 4 stream
@MamaWeegee64 They cut off the stream and had like an extra 45 min for the Live viewers. A 2-hour+ video at high quality is rather large in file size. I guess Honda's headbutt goes through fireballs now. Get Hype?

Gigantic list of Super Street Fighter 4 changes and notes
I'm happy about the Honda update. :)

Super Thumb Fighters promotional video

Updated: Video demos Super Street Fighter 4's menus, Hakan's slide
One word: Sexy.

Weekend community events, March 19 - 23
Holy crap, the Jersey Shoreyuken Stream is silky smooth. The best stream I have ever seen in terms of stream quality.

Street Fighter IV is #1 on iPhone top grossing app list
To bad it doesn't have Honda. :(

Weekend community events, March 12 - 16
w00t for tournament steams. :)