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Seth Killian announces departure from Capcom
One bad game doesn't mean the end of Capcom. But it does seem that Capcom is taking it out on Ono & Seth rather than just removing those stupid gems from the game.

Capcom's E3 Street Fighter X Tekken DLC character presentation archive now online
When are they gonna release the DLC character to the other systems? That's the only news that Capcom needs to release!

Interview with Isaiah "Triforce" Johnson on E-Sports and the evolution of the fighting game community by Rykoshet
Agree with #17 & 19. Plus he got clowned pretty bad with that video of the ending of his gaming division. He needs to just be quiet and go win some tournaments. If CBS is really trying to get into this streaming gaming scene, I sense a monopoly brewing and it's gonna hurt a lot of independent channels.

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