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Past comments by HyperGadoken
Restoring Shinnok in Mortal Kombat 11 is impossible for Kronika according to NetherRealm Studios story director
Who even cares anymore? NRS dropped the ball with 11’s story mode. They took out current timeline Raiden so easily that he wasnt as big as threat he was supposed to be after MKX ends. Dont know why they ended the main story as a reset after 10 years of storybuilding. Sure its interesting that each MK game could be its own timeline before Kronika has to reset everything, but after 2 games with a ...

Is the PlayStation 4 heavily responsible for people thinking Street Fighter 5's online experience is trash? Thoughts on Ono's departure from Capcom
Yes. My 2nd gen Ps4 gets miserable kbps testing my connection. My Day 1 Xbox One gets 30mb/s download speeds

The Angry Video Game Nerd shows us the worst of the worst Mortal Kombat ripoffs
Finally he covers Tattoo Assassins. Had my favorite Start of Round ever “Round 1: KILL” And after you uppercut someone, they let out that stereotypical movie scream.

Seth's moves revealed for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
Poongko Seth at Evo really won me over with the character. Cant wait till Seths out. Can we get Crumbling Laboratory Theme from SSF4 back though?

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition announced
I’m confused. Why reveal stuff at this event instead of at Capcom Cup?

Terminator T-800 trailer released for Mortal Kombat 11, insert one-liners here
too much copy paste. Totally called Erron Blacks triple rifle shot.

How will the Terminator play in Mortal Kombat 11? Rooflemonger offers his speculation
I have a feeling they’re gonna copy/paste Erron Blacks triple rifle shot from MKX amd they’ll probably make him a lame grappler like they did with Hellboy

Seeing this Hellboy/Cody mod for Street Fighter 5 makes us realize these two might actually be the same character
WAY better then NRS animations. He moves like he is an actual living creature.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be voicing the Terminator T-800 in Mortal Kombat 11
As long as they get Will Sasso. He’s the only impression that's super accurate

'Spawn can do a lot of cool stuff... there's going to be a lot more red than just his cape' — Todd McFarlane teases new Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn details
With NRS handling it, i feel like its gonna be copy and pasted. Was excited for TMNT, but they were disappointing. Was excited for Hellboy and that was a disaster Leatherface was done well so i’m not sure where Spawn will land