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They're anime now: Funny Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross ft. Maximilian moment gets way funnier with L. Modesto's touch
The amount of people who don't know what "anime" means is too damn high! On a related note, this video was great! This clip was easily the best of Excellent adventures 2014.

Mr. Game & Watch can kill Zelda at 0% with a down-throw combo, low-profile crouch goes under forward Smash - Super Smash Bros. 3DS tech
I think you meant Din's Fire, not Djinn's :3 Great find Btw, keep the tech videos coming!

Ridiculous images/memes from the FGC - Daigo baited by PS4 giveaway, Gootecks' original recipe main chicken, Blanka trolls JWong, and more
i Love these, EH! faves are KFGootecks and the Rose comic (such cute art) am i the only one who thinks Daigo acted really cute in that GIF? #no homo Hope you guys post Garbage days (meme articles) more often!

Mario is stuck in the real world and late to the fight! Fan-made Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS trailer could easily pass as an official advert
Amazing work! love how fluent Mario's animation is, specially the sleepy one in the subway! props to you, mister :3c

Kirby and Pit are top-tier, followed by Villager, Zero Suit Samus, Mario and Wii Fit Trainer; early tiers based on Super Smash Bros. E3 invitationals
Fox Mid-Tier Fox Mid-Tier Fox Mid-Tier Fox Mid-Tier Fox Mid-Tier Fox Mid-Tier Fox Mid-Tier Fox Mid-Tier i know it's a E3 tier list speculation, but damn.

Palutena from Kid Icarus joins the playable roster of Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U; character revealed in the form of short anime trailer

K-Brad throws Mike Ross into the deep end in Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross 2014, episode 16: Not Rehearsed
Damn, K "unblockable" Brad stole this episode! on the other hand Gootecks really seems to be in a slump lately...

K-Brad converts everyone into C. Viper players in Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross 2014, episode 15: Learning Curve
Love k-Brad's attitute and randomness! hope he stays in the show forever! xD

'Dudley is definitely top-tier in Ultra Street Fighter 4'; Ricky Ortiz's hand waving gesture well-intentioned - Jason24cf interviews Smug at ECT 6
Too many Dps? maybe, but did he forgot all the wake up EX messiah kicks he did? didn't Smug even punished like 2-3 in a row?. Dat short term memory pretty Ricky. P.S: Smug saying Dudley is Top? inb4 Capcom nerfs him next week and drops his health to 950...(*Cough* Guile *Cough*)

Ultra Street Fighter 4 hits PSN and XBL on June 3rd/4th, retail versions on August 5th - an EventHubs exclusive interview with Combofiend
Does anyone know if the Download version includes all existing DLC (Old costumes) or just the Retail version does? #TimeToGetPaid