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Super Smash Bros. 4
Zero Suit Samus
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Some thoughts of my own Shadow Sneak can be easily predicted, but if the opponent is charging a projectile or can be caught off-guard, it's a great move with high power and speed. On top of that, some stages, including Pac-Maze and Pictochat won't show the shadow, so it's a much better move on those stages as it's completely unpredictable for your opponent while you should be able to guess where the shadow is. One ...

The Lloid Rocket is an amazing pressuring tool and a great projectile with a ton of follow-ups, depending on what the opponent does. If the opponent gets hit with the Rocket, a short-hop F-Air works at mid percents, but I like to use short-hop D-Airs sometimes as well, because it knocks the opponent back to the ground for a D-Tilt or F-Tilt follow-up. Using F-Air out of Lloid Rocket is probably your best option, but ...

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