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Past comments by HindsQQ
EVO scholarship pulls in about $20,000 - $30,000 annually, school challenges students to create the future of fighting games
Diago's ego is bigger than FChamp's I think.

Updated: Early Ultra Street Fighter 4 change lists for multiple characters and system mechanics alterations
R.I.P. Adon. Guess it's time for a new character. Maybe E.Ryu... or Bison.

ChrisG: I don't care about EVO, before I really wanted to win but now I don't even want to be there
Alex Valle seems to be doing pretty well for himself, he owns his own arcade doesn't he?

Capcom Cup Clash of the Champions announced - Flocker to face Capcom Cup winner in FT5 exhibition for $1,000
Probably not.

Sony: PS3 joysticks and such will work with the PS4 if developers allow it
This is absolutely true. Hopefully the majority of the community will backlash should developers to this due to companies pressuring/paying them off to not allow the use for old generation peripherals. The FGC isn't big enough to expect those dedicated or hopefuls to shell out more cash to continue their passion.

Halloween content and 1.03 update added to Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate today on PS3, tomorrow on Xbox 360 - full list of patch notes
I wish we got Halloween love for other fighting games. It's my favourite time of year...

Xian: I only have plans to stay in pro gaming for another 1-2 years depending on how it goes - it's not a really stable career
I wonder what it would take for fighting games to be competed in at a level similar to League of Legends. Personally, I'm irritated with the fact that it isn't. Street Fighter has been around long before almost any other competitive video game, I don't understand why it doesn't have a larger following. Even as a spectator, you can feel the excitement when matches come down to the wire.

Ayano wants to hold a location test for Ultra Street Fighter 4 in near future, every day team is putting careful thought into fine tuning game
I can't wait for Rolento!

'Fighting Game Mastery is a must buy!' - Jason24cf reviews Gootecks' and Filipino Champ's new instructional series
It should be free to begin with. The community is too small to charge money for tips and tricks. Learn frame data and match-ups, then hit the training room. Play a lot and you will get better. Practice makes perfect.

Community Combo Video: Guys Only features impressive combos from lots of different games, common and uncommon alike
I wish Castlevania: Judgement didn't suck. A good fighting game with Castlevania characters would be awesome.